Workshop overview:

  • What is media literacy? Why is it important?

  • What is fake news? How to recognize it?

  • What types of news and information are there? What criterion should we use to evaluate news and information?

  • What should we consider when using social media, especially Facebook?


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Am I required to use my e-mail address?

Yes. We recommend using your frequently used personal e-mail to sign up.

Q: When will I receive an e-mail?

We will send a total of 6 e-mails in a week. You will receive an e-mail at 7 AM on every weekday. Additionally, you will receive one Remo e-mail every Sunday.

Q:  What sources do you select news from?

Each of our e-mail has 10 headlines, which includes 2 news from Mongolian sources, and 8 news from foreign sources. We use well known sources such as The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Financial Times as well as popular Asian news companies such as Channel News Asia, The Japan Times, South China Morning Post to compile news to include in our e-mails. We also use sources such as Mashable, TechCrunch, Recode to select news on technology and other topics.

Q. Why start Remo?

B. Namnandorj: There are two main reasons. The first reason is to provide Mongolians with the latest and the best content worldwide.

The second reason is to use Remo to fight fake news, and promote media literacy among the general public.